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Where your online and offline habits meet

Using heatmap track your habits and you don't have to pay as long as you stick to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Nope, we cannot afford a server to store your data anyway. All your data is stored locally.

Write tasks in form of URL's then it will automatically get all the past data from History. And update in the future automatically. This way you can see your online habits easily.

We love GitHub and how they implemented Heatmap. Makes us feel motivated to push code everyday.

Erasers are an ‘instrument of the devil' which should be banned was an article that influenced us. The act is simple when we use an eraser we try to erase our mistakes. Well life ain't like that. If we make mistakes we end up paying for them. So here you can create tasks and if you ever want to delete them, then you have to pay. As long as you are doing you habits you don't have to pay. You are free to restart again, but that's running away from problems. Link https://bit.ly/2N97gYF

Inspired by these lines "Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana" - Bhagavad . Literal meaning : You are entitled to do your duty and action, but never to the results of your actions. Let not the results be your motivation, and do not be attached to laziness and inaction.

Stay motivated

Track your habits to stay motivated all throughout the year or month.

Track Automatically

Track the websites you visit automatically.

Pay only if you break your habits

The extension is free as long as you follow your habits.

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Created by Indie Hackers

Hey! 👋 We're still students in college. We're making Karma on our own without funding or outside support. We're real people, we're not a soulless corporation out to steal your money.

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